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Because knowledge leads to excellence.

That is why we are committed to learning by doing.

HAIRCONCEPT EDUCATION offers a complete training program structured in modules of immersion in the brand, where the professional is allowed to achieve different goals and levels, ensuring a high level and useful learning


Our main mission is for the professional to continue improving, advancing and updating their knowledge. For this, HC METHOD was born. Based on the knowledge of hair, the study of our products and the instruction of methods and techniques to increase the potential and development of talent of professionals.


An intense approach to our soul, our products. The essence of a unique technical program, designed to get the most out of our products and become an expert. Feel HC, live HC.


At HAIRCONCEPT we are not satisfied with a good formation. Our mission is to offer continuous learning, which is why we have specialists in the sector with interests not only in high-quality products for good work, but also in becoming reference artists in style or fashion. Experts in the sector.


An immersion to the most technical aspect of the hair world. A practical vision about everything related to the world of color, permanent and those techniques that require a specialization.


Gerardo Maneiro
Technical director, specialist in colorimetry. International experience giving seminars around the world. More than 30 years of experience at your service.
David Solsona
International technician with more than 20 years of experience. Creator of the HC METHOD program, where the professional is the center.
Gemma Sulé
Freelance technique and great communicator whose great passion are the defined cutting styles. Specialist in the most urban styles and creator of trend collections for HC.
Alicia Ricote
Freelance technique. Versatility made stylish. Collected, colors, bajayage, styles. She wants to share her passion for training with you.
Mar Adán
Freelance technique. She comes from his salon to our formations with the desire to share his acclaimed method of work bringing professionalism, closeness and infinite creative techniques.
Maite Roig
Freelance technique. Energy in its most creative aspect. Her facet as a specialist in collecting and customizing styles, added to the incredible performances she creates at show, make Maite a professional without equal.
Lola Llorca
Pure technique for the application of colors. Specialist in balayage swept and melted. No trend escapes him. Even the most complicated techniques become simple explained by her.
Selu Lereu
Magic, dynamism and energy in the trainings. An infinite capacity to mutate according to the work in front of him, added to an explosion of creativity and fantasy. His cutting styles facilitate salon work.
Ñito Hernández
Expert in tricology and colorimetry. His great experience in the salon and as a trainer, make Ñito an essential pillar in our technical training.
Santiago Valera
His passion for technical work makes Santiago a professional with formative roots. Specialist in technical product where he shares with us the creativity that can be done with it. The barbershop is one of its strengths.
Natalio Concepción
Training is in his veins. Extensive training in all fields. Very creative with hairpieces and scissors. Ability to communicate by adapting to all levels.