Know us!

Hairconcept is a company with more than 40 years of experience. We have our own laboratory and that makes the product we create be unique in the market/ sector. 

Hairconcept is a company that develops, manufactures and markets hair products, both nationally and internationally.

As suppliers we offer innovative solutions and products to our customers and a service commitment with training and innovation for all hairdressers.


In our own laboratory we design, develop and produce hair care products that provide professional solutions in the most sustainable way.


Concerned about the environment we tend to create natural packaging and all our products contain a high level of natural ingredients.


We create high quality products to help professionals take care of the hair of those sensitive to image and fashion. We do it through new service concepts, following current trends.



How do we achieve this? Incorporating new raw materials, improving and developing new formulas and working methods.



We invest in research and development to achieve high quality professional products with maximun safety.

We create

Leading products for unique, effective experiences designed to stand out from the competition. We believe that quality is something that is achieved with constant research and development and that is what we strive for every day.


The combination of the laboratory and technicak team makes the final product result excellent in terms of formulation, application and effectiveness.


El programa HC METHOD consta de 3 pilares que nacen de las manos de expertos en el sector y cuyo fin es dotar al profesional de todas aquellas herramientas que harán posible su crecimiento profesional a niveles excepcionales.