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Bleaching powder without ammonia.
Format: 500gr. / Recambio 500 g.

Ammonia-free bleaching powder for more natural jobs, with a fruity smell and easy application. Progressively bleaches up to 6 shades, leaving the reflection cleaner and sharper, even on treated hair. Its creamy texture guarantees the correct application with any technique.

Apply on dry hair in a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio with 10 or 20 volume Oxidant Plus. Allow exposure time in relation to the shades to be lightened. Allows all types of use, hands free, silver foil and global bleaching.
Argan oil, beeswax, vegetable oils and mixture of persulfates.

It favors the progressive penetration of oxygen into the hair, achieving a controlled discoloration. Helps to fortify the hair fibers at the roots, mid-lengths and ends. Leaves hair shiny and luminous. It gives flexibility and elasticity to the hair fiber, protecting it from breakage and dryness.

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