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Drag the oxidation and activated pigment.
Format: 2 x 100ml. + 1 x 50ml.

Pigment reducer formulated to remove oxidation and activated pigment. Eliminate black. The acid medium in which it works guarantees the integrity of the hair and favors the closure of the cuticle. The new formula with ALKALINE SHAMPOO, with alkaline properties, allows the elimination of the residues of the reduced pigments that may remain in the hair, after the application of the mixture.

Apply to dry hair, starting where there is the most pigment. Massage, cover with plastic and leave on for 25 minutes. If the colors to be removed are very intense, heat can be applied. Rinse with plenty of water, wash with Alkaline Shampoo for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The hair can be re-colored immediately, apply the dye on damp hair at the roots, leave for the normal exposure time and then move to the ends for 5-6 minutes. As a color corrector, it can be used by mixing equal parts of solutions 1A+1B and an equal part of Color Shampoo. Apply on the areas to be corrected or all over the hair if a slight lightening is desired.
Bamboo extract, coconut, ginkgo biloba.

Moisturizing, moisturizing and regenerating properties that give flexibility and elasticity to the hair.

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