Compact bleaching powder.
Formato: 500g.

Compact bleaching powder with a pleasant smell and easy to apply. Gradually lightens up to 5-6 shades, facilitating control of uniform discoloration. Does not swell

Mix in a non-metallic bowl with 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol. oxidant, in a 1+2 or 1+3 ratio, depending on the hair and the type of work to be done. Stir until you get a creamy paste. Exposure time from 20 to70 minutes depending on the degree of discoloration desired. Then proceed to wash. Result: effective bleaching without yellow reflections. Its creamy texture guarantees the correct application with any technique. Fresh and relaxing sensation on the scalp.
Corn germ oil, and violet reflex colorant.

It favors the progressive penetration of oxygen into the hair, achieving a controlled discoloration. Strong oxidizing substances that act by discoloring melanin pigments. Protects the skin and prevents irritation. It gives the product a pleasant smell similar to menthol, gives a sensation of freshness and helps to compact the powder. Helps to completely eliminate yellowish reflections.

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