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Moisturizing styling cream. Special curly hair.
Format: 150 ML.

Moisturizing styling cream with anti-frizz effect. Defines curls and waves providing volume, hold and shine to the hair. Helps reduce drying time, amplifying curls and waves without adding weight. Helps protect hair from heat sources and the sun.


Apply a small amount evenly to damp hair.Distribute with a comb and proceed to dry, mark or air dry as desired. No rinse. Ideal for drying with a diffuser, marked with rollers, curlers or bodys.
Phytoproteins from wheat, corn, oats and hydrolyzed soybeans, macadamia oil.

Alcohol free. Amplifies the volume of the hair and provides elasticity to the curl. Provides fixation, achieving a longer duration of the hairstyle. Controls frizz and eliminates static elasticity of the hair. Condition dry and damaged hair. Seals the cuticle, providing moisture, hydration and elasticity.

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