Coloring with collagen-based moisturizing system.
Format: 60ml. / 120ml (free).

Oxidation coloring cream. 92 shades in a complete range of chromatic oxidation colors with an improved formula for brighter results, enhanced hair conditioning and scalp protection. Mixing ratio: 1 + 1 / Clarify:  1 + 1 ½.

sulfate free

Mix with PLUS 10, 20, 30 or 40 oxidizing milk or ACTIVE SOFT in a 1+1 ratio for normal shades. For super-lighteners and Flash, mix in a 1+1.5 ratio. Apply the mixture on dry hair. Exposure time: Depending on the volumes used. Allows numerous coloring services to be carried out according to the different mixtures with oxidants at various volumes.
Color precursors, beeswax, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe vera.

Formulated on the basis of “Moisturizing Collagenic System”. It provides the hair with a high degree of emolliency that translates into an improvement in shine, touch, lubrication and elasticity. Protects, hydrates and gives softness to the hair. Reliable shades, excellent gray hair coverage and spectacular lighteners.

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