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Organic coloring without ammonia.
Formato: 60ml.

Hair coloring cream. ELITE EVOLUTION is formulated with 80% of active ingredients of natural origin and natural derivatives. Enriched with 7 oils of natural origin that improve hair hydration and elasticity, promoting spectacular shine. Free of PPD and Ammonia, for both polychromatic and monochromatic works of long duration and maximum coverage of gray hair. Mixing Ratio: 1:1.5 – Clarify 1:2


Mix with the corresponding BATH depending on the desired result. See color chart to achieve the desired effect.
7 natural oils: olive, oil, grape seed, jojoba, argan and flax, shea butter and feverfew.

Composition evolved with the OIL MOISTURIZING SYSTEM. Hydration, nutrition and exceptional softness. Strengthens the protection of the scalp minimizing the risk of itching. with antioxidant action, helps prolong the duration of color. Brightness generator.

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