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Direct coloring with diamond extract.
Format: 200ml.

PICTION 3D is a direct coloring system that does not need to be mixed with oxidant. It colors the hair thanks to the latest generation of negative ionic charge micropigments and its acidic fluid system, which guarantee perfect adherence and long-lasting hold. The combination of the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) with the colorless BASE makes it possible to create an infinite palette of colors, highlights and depths of tone (3D technology).

Apply to dry, colored and/or bleached hair. It can be mixed with the other PICTION 3D colors and/or directly with the BASE to achieve different colors and intensities. Exposure time from 15 to 20 minutes depending on the degree of color desired. Rinse thoroughly. Wash and condition.
Diamond extract, passion fruit extract and blackberry extract.

PICTION 3D can also be used to enhance and correct reflections, achieve fantasy effects or repigment. Contains diamond extract, a crystalline modification that provides conditioning properties and maximum shine. It favors the refraction of light, causing its deviation at multiple angles.

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