Oxidation coloring cream.
Format: 100ml.

Oxidation coloring cream for hair. 69 color shades. The materials interact with each other by means of covalent bonds, that is, sharing resources and needs at all times, obtaining a color of maximum balance, brightness and luminosity.  Mixing ratio 1+1.5. Clarify 1:2.

sulfate free

Mix with PLUS 10, 20, 30 or 40 oxidizing milk in a ratio of 1+1.5 for normal shades and 1+2 for super-lightening shades. Apply the mixture on dry hair. Exposure time: According to the volumes used.
Honey, keratin, grape seed oil and ginkgo biloba, alpha-bisabolol.

PICTION XL HAIR COLOR CREAM has been created with maximum harmony and ionic balance present in nature to provide brightness, intensity and luminosity. The result of a technological development that provides a texture and coverage in harmony with our environment, achieving an excellent effect. It allows to carry out different coloring services according to the different mixtures with oxidants of different volumes.

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