Concentrated lotion for the treatment and prevention of hair loss.
Format: 24 x12ml.

Hair recovery treatment. Concentrated lotion for the treatment and prevention of hair loss, fragile, weakened and malnourished hair. Due to its composition, it has great oxygenating, nourishing and stimulating power for the recovery of the scalp. Helps to immediately reduce hair loss and initiate rapid recovery. Lengthens the anagen phase of the hair.

Apply to the scalp with a gentle circular massage to achieve stimulation of the area and rapid penetration of the active ingredients.
Apple stem cells, ginseng, pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), cereal sprouts, growth factor obtained from coltsfoot, yarrow and cinchona.

Activates blood circulation and provides resistance to the body against stress and fatigue. Increases the activity of the germinative cells of the hair bulb, creators of the hair. Keeps the hair fiber vital and hydrated. Provides elasticity and shine. Reduces the formation of split ends and prevents damage caused by excess heat. They provide energy and oxygen to skin cells, reactivating them and putting them into operation.

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