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Intensive treatment for hair prone to hair loss.
Formato: 6 x10ml. / 24 x10ml.

Shock treatment lotion to treat pronounced hair loss. Designed to combat hair loss by stimulating the scalp.

After washing the hair with Biological Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, apply to the scalp by massaging in circular movements to achieve stimulation of the area and rapid penetration of the active ingredients. Do not clarify. For severe falls, an application is recommended every 48 hours for 2 months.
L-Proline, horse chestnut, menthol and multivitamin complex of plant origin (vitamins A, E, F, H, B5 and B7).

Promotes increased circulation and helps open the pores. It acts by regenerating and strengthening the hair structure. Protects the scalp from oxidation, and nourishes and regenerates the hair.

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