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Energy and growth shampoo.
Formato: 250ml. / 750ml.

Energizing shampoo, formulated specifically for fine and weakened hair. Its continued use contributes to obtain more vigorous hair, more long-lived and with greater growth. This is due to the stimulation of the blood supply, an increase in the oxygenation of the capillary bulbs and the improvement of the functioning of the cell cycle.

Apply a dose of shampoo with a gentle massage to stimulate circulation and clarify. Apply again and leave for 5 minutes. Clear out.
Synthesized apple stem cells, hydrolyzed collagen, L-proline, vitamin E, biotin, vitamins A, B8 and E, soybean and horse chestnut extract, brown algae, rosehip and corn oils.

Contributes to prolonging the longevity of the hair and the hair follicle. Strengthens hair. Moisturizing and regenerating properties. Improves blood circulation. Protects hair and skin. Gives a light sensation of freshness.

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