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Intensive lotion to stop hair loss.
Format: 125 ML.

Intensive lotion indicated for weak hair with a predisposition to hair loss. Formulated with active ingredients that stimulate cell metabolism. Helps scalp regeneration. Nourishes and gives strength to the hair.

Apply the lotion until the scalp is completely moistened. Perform a relaxing massage with the fingertips to facilitate its penetration into the skin. No rinse.
Provitamin B5, menthol, piroctine olamine, wheat and soy germ extracts, calendula, white nettle, chamomile, arnica, nasturtium, sage, rosemary, pine, watercress, ivy, burdock and lemon.

Gives tonicity to the hair and a correct and balanced pH, especially in hair that is frequently or incorrectly washed. Prevents hair loss caused by microbial agents.

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