Strong fixing lacquer.
Format: 500 ml.

Professional lacquer with strong fixation that allows to capture the design of the hairstyle by fixing it for hours. The size of its particles combined with its formulation allows a quick drying and a uniform output without wetting the hair.

Spray, on dry or damp hair, from a distance of approximately 30 cm. Quick drying, does not wet and allows to recomb. It leaves no residue.
Fixing resin, niacinamide (vitamin PP), panthenol (vitamin B5) and sun protection filter.

Provides shine, flexibility and malleability to the hair. Penetrates into dry and damaged hair moisturizing it. Prevents damaged ends and softens the cuticle giving shine and texture to the hair. Helps regenerate and maintain hair in good condition. In addition, it has good radiation absorption, so it protects against solar rays.

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